Association of British Bookmakers Announce Changes

Following on from the Gambling Commission undercover report, which found that 98% of bookmakers in the UK took illegal bets from underage customers, the Association of British Bookmakers (ABB) has begun to announce details of their action plan against underage gambling.

The ABB have announced that a member of staff in every bookies will be designated as the 21 monitor and that their job will be to monitor anyone who enters the store and looks under 21. The ABB have also suggested that employees who fail to check the age of anyone who looks under 21 could be disciplined for gross misconduct.

ABB senior executive, Andrew Lyman, suggested the following to the BBC; “We need to establish a culture where all betting shop staff feel obliged to challenge young adults who look under 21…In turn this will lead to a culture where young adults expect to be challenged when they enter a betting shop.”

It’s believed that full details of the ABB’s crackdown plan will be announced in the coming weeks.