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Online Casino Beginner's Guide

Casino Beginner's GuideOnline casinos can often be confusing places to those who are new to the format. But the truth is that they can be used by anyone regardless of how computer savvy you are. Even players who haven’t gambled before, will be able to learn how to play any casino game thanks to useful instructions and play-for-fun game versions.

In this guide you can expect to find out about all aspects relating to online casinos. Not only will each section explain how the various features work but they most are also accompanied by step-by-step guides showing you how to use each feature.

From navigating through the casino lobby to making the most of loyalty schemes and even understanding the house edge, the Beginner's Guide is bound to teach casino players of all levels a thing or two.

Sign up to a Casino

Sign up to a CasinoThis section is designed to help players on their first visit to a casino and does so by explaining what sort of details you should submit and how you can be sure that they’re being dealt with safely. In addition to this, there’s also a simple five step guide which takes you through the signing up process.

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Download Casinos

Download CasinosAlmost all online casinos will offer at least two forms of their casino. These will be the download and no-download/instant casinos. Download casinos tend to be the more popular option as they contain the casino’s full compliment of online games, promotions tournaments and generally a better experience overall. Here you can learn the benefits of a download casino as well as being shown via a step-by-step guide how to download a casino.

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No Download Casinos

Download CasinosWhile they often have slightly fewer games than their downloadable counterparts, no download online casinos are great for players in a rush or those who are on shared or public computers. In this section you’ll also find a four step guide to starting up on a no download casino as well as featured no download casinos that are some of the best in the business.

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Casino Rewards

Casino RewardsMaking the most of casino rewards can turn moderate wins in to much larger, potentially life changing amounts. They can also turn losses in to wins and allow you to maximise your profits. This section takes you through what basic and exclusive reward programs should consist of as well as telling you how to exploit these rewards to the fullest.

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Loyalty Schemes

Casino Loyalty SchemesLoyalty schemes, similarly to other casino rewards, can play a massive part in ensuring that you win the highest amount possible. Loyalty programs are the casinos way of ensuring that you keep playing at your casino and in order to convince you to do this, they are willing to offer you extra benefits and bonuses often in the form of free cash.

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Payout Percentages

Payout PercentagesPayout percentages may not mean much to most online casino players but they can be extremely useful when determining which games you play. This section explains how payout percentages are regulated and how you can be sure that all of the casinos that are featured on are fair. In addition to this, the all important question of how payout percentages affect you is answered.

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House Edge

House EdgeKnowing the house edge of a casino game should always be the deciding factor when choosing which game to play. Finding out the house edge of a game and using this knowledge to your advantage is one of the best ways that you can help yourself to win big. This section tells you how to work out the house edge and equally as important, how to make the most of it.

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Casino Tips

Casino TipsHere you can find our top ten tips to maximising your profits during your stay at an online casino. Taking advantage of these tips will allow you to play like a pro and win as much money as possible. From checking certain terms and conditions to strategies and calculating the house edge of specific games, this is your one stop shop for all of the best casino advice.

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