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Cash In Top Casino Bonus In 2017

Cash In Top Casino Bonus In 2017

Real-money bonuses are what set online casinos apart from their land-based cousins. Real-cash promotions help draw in new players, and keep them playing.

Even a player with a small budget can claim a UK casino online bonus, all it takes is a small initial deposit with real money. As long as you "play through" enough games, the casino will match your deposit. But bonuses aren't just for depositors, and there are plenty of offers for non-depositors and tournament players.

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Why do Bonuses Matter?

UK casino players are free to earn real money gambling at online sites. But everyone goes through periods of variance (swings in luck), so it's important to access a bonus.

Bonuses give players the chance to win free money from the casino itself. It may not even be in the form of cash, players could earn free bonus slots spins or prize draw tickets to win a holiday.

Building a real-cash bankroll is important through regular play, but accessing a promotion will help it grow even further.

Discover Your Perfect Type of Bonus

All online casinos offer promotions to keep players gambling. They can range from simple deposit match bonuses to big-money draws. Here is a few of the typical promotions you'll find in 2017:

Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is reserved for players opening a new account. After making a first deposit, the casino will match it if the player meets certain wagering requirements.

Let's say a casino online has a real-money welcome bonus worth 100% up to £500. This means the site will match any deposit 100% up to a maximum of £500. There will also be a wagering requirement, let's say 30x. That means the player will have to gamble their deposit 30 times to activate the free bonus cash. In this example, players would have to gamble 30 x 500, £15,000, to earn £500 free.

Reload Bonus

A reload bonus rewards casino online players whose welcome bonus may have run out. These bonuses work in the same way as welcome bonuses but the match percentage will often be lower. Typically, a reload bonus deposit is matched 25% or 50%.

No-Deposit Bonus

No-deposit bonuses give players the chance to "win" money by playing roulette, blackjack, or slots for free. Whatever they amass in winnings can be wagered so that the cash is released by the casino. There is no deposit required beforehand.

Free Spins

Some welcome bonuses come with 'free spins' attached. These are bonus spins used on popular online slots. Players may get 25 spins to "win" as much as they can. To release the free cash, they must then wager it 20-30 times on the site in a similar way to a deposit bonus.

VIP Programmes

All casinos offer loyal players big bonuses to keep them interested. VIP, or Loyalty, programmes award bigger reload bonuses, tickets to live events, and access to personal VIP managers.

Players rise through VIP 'levels' by earning points when they gamble. The more you gamble, the more points you earn, and points can be converted back into real cash at any time.

Choosing the Right Promotions

Casino online promotions sound good on paper, but are they right for you? A £1,000 deposit bonus matched 200% sounds great, but if the wagering requirement is 40x you will need to gamble £40,000 to earn any money!

If you're just starting out, a free spins bonus or no-deposit offer is a good place to start. Get used to the games, and the way wagering requirements work. If you're successful, consider a small deposit and start working off a reload bonus. Many casino online bonuses will activate with just a few pounds.

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Casino Bonus FAQs

At Casino Online, we know that a casino bonus can give your bankroll more power. However, casino bonuses do come with certain stipulations and must often be used in specific ways and within limited amount of time. Casino Online has put together the most common questions online casino UK players have about online casino bonuses. After reading through these questions, you’ll have a better sense of how these work, but be advised, the staff at Casino Online warns that you should always read the fine print before trying to secure a bonus.

  • How do bonuses work?

    Bonuses award those who are members of an online casino with a range of possible benefits, which may include additional money in a player’s account, free bets, free spins, VIP points, and freerolls. Casino Online has found that you may be awarded a bonus automatically for making your first deposit, reloading your account, playing a specific game, or betting a certain amount of money. However, often in order to receive a bonus, you’ll have to use a bonus code or you may have to opt in to a special offer.

    Although not all bonuses have play through amounts, that is specified amounts that must be bet before you can access the extra cash, first deposit and reload bonuses usually do. Bonuses that award free spins, free bets, or freerolls usually don’t have a play through amount associated with them. Also bonuses awarded for using a new medium of access, such as a mobile phone, or for making a certain type of wager, don’t require a play through.

    Finally, Casino Online advises that if you do win using bonus cash, only your real money winnings and not the bonus amount may be withdrawn. The bonus will be deducted from any amount that you win.

  • Are they available for UK players?

    Yes, Casino Online notes if players at an online casino may qualify for a bonus, then that offer will usually include online casino UK players unless the bonus is country specific and those in the UK are not included.

  • Who is eligible to receive a bonus?

    In order to receive a bonus, you’ll need to become a member of the online casino offering it, and you must meet all requirements as outlined by the casino.

  • Can I use multiple bonuses?

    Casino Online has found that some casinos may offers multiple bonuses but not all. It depends on the online casino offering the bonus and on the type of bonus. Having two live bonuses related to making a deposit is usually not allowed by a real money online casino, however you may have a first deposit or reload bonus in effect and also qualify for a freeroll, free bet, or free spins. You can often have in effect more than one freeroll or free bet at a time. Each online casino sets its rules and regulations concerning all aspects of the bonuses they offer, including those related to the use of multiple bonuses. Thus, Casino Online suggests that online casino players read all bonus offers carefully.

  • Should I choose the biggest bonus?

    No, Casino Online notes that you should not always choose the largest bonus available. Before choosing a bonus make sure that you will be able to use it or tale advantage of it. Depending upon your situation, you may find that a smaller bonus makes more sense.

    As an example, one online casino first deposit bonus offer may be 50% on up to £100 while another bonus may give you 25% on up to £500. With the first bonus you’ll receive up to £50, but with the second, if you deposit the full amount, you receive £125. If you are going to deposit £100 only, then the former offer is best as it will give you £50 while the latter will award you £25.

    But if you’re going to deposit £300, then the second bonus is better, as you’ll receive £75 in your account, whereas with the first, which awards only your first £100, you’d receive £50 on your £300 deposit. The basic rule of thumb is to do the math first before applying for a deposit.

    Also, before trying to qualify for a bonus, Casino Online suggests that you make sure you figure out the play through amount you’ll need to reach before being able to utilize that cash. Consider that having a play through amount of 10 times the bonus and deposit on a 50% offer on up to £100 is much less than a play through amount of 8 times on a 25% offers on £300. The first is 10 x £150 (£50 bonus + £100 deposit) = £1,500, while the second is 8 x £375 (£75 bonus + £300 deposit) = £3,000. It will take a lot more bets to clear the second bonus offer.

  • Can this money be withdrawn?

    No, only winnings can be withdrawn and not the bonus amount.

  • Are bonuses available on mobile devices?

    Yes, Casino Online has seen bonuses that many bonuses may be accessed via mobile devices. Also, often an online casino will offer players a specific bonus when real money players bet for the first time using their mobile casino.