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How to Play Craps

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CrapsCraps is a popular casino game that uses a pair of dices and it originates from several other games across the centuries. The most modern and popular versions found in practically every casino (online or otherwise) is where players wager money against the house on the outcome of a roll or series of rolls of the dice.

The craps games available in online casinos don't actually differ too much from their land based counterparts, aside from the fact that games of craps in bricks and mortar casinos requires four members of staff to maintain the game, whereas when you play in an online casino the software fills in for four croupiers. The only slight advantage 'live' craps has over the online game is that some online casinos will not allow you to place odds bets. When playing online craps you have the ability to play on your own, with computer opponents, private tables and even in some cases with your other online associates. As we stated earlier, the point of craps is usually to beat the house and it's one of the few online casino games that provides a sense of community between players.

The beauty of craps is that it can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be and you can place bets ranging from a single bet combination, to multiple bets for a series of rolls. The game is played in rounds with the person throwing the dice called the shooter.

The shooter is given two dice labelled 1-6 and from each throw you can show the numbers 2 through till 12. Keeping in mind that the odds for rolling these numbers are different puts you in good stead for when you are ready to wager; for instance the number 2 can only be made from ‘Snake Eyes’ (just two 1s) whereas the number 7 can be made with 6 different combinations.

Dice rolls in craps have several different connotations, for example, rolling a 7 at a certain time can make or break your game. For clarity, we have split up the 3 different dice rolls into separate categories:


2 - 3 - 12

These rolls are craps and losers. On your first roll, or the "come out" if you roll a 2, 3 or 12 then you have immediately lost.


7 - 11

If you roll a 7 or 11 you instantly win the bet and beat the house

Point Numbers

4 - 10, 5-9, 6-8

If you roll one of these numbers on your come out roll, then this is your "point number", to win the bet, you have to roll the same number again. For example, if you rolled a 4, you would beat the house when you rolled another 4. If a 7 is rolled in between your come out roll and reaching your point-number, then you lose the bet. This is known as "seven out".

Essentially, if you roll craps on your come out roll, you lose, if a natural is rolled, you win and if any of the ‘point-numbers’ are thrown, the game continues until the same ‘point-number’ is revealed in which case a win is rewarded.

Online Craps Bets

Now that you've mastered the different rolls in craps, it's time to find out about what bets you can actually place. Rest assured that online craps offers perhaps the most variety when it comes to wagering, so there's always a bet that's right for you.

Pass Line Bet

While we won't go into all the bets available at the craps table, we will inform you of the key and best bets available. The most common bet on a craps Table is the "Pass Line" bet. Players can place this bet before the come out roll by clicking on the "Pass Line" area of the table. If a 7 or 11 is rolled after placing this bet, then the player wins, if a point-number is established, the player will win if that point-number is rolled again (although it doesn't have to be consecutively), if a player rolls a 2, 3 or 12 on the come out roll, then you lose your pass line bet.

Come Bet

The come bet is placed after the pass line bet. If the shooter rolls a point-number and after this you place your come bet, then the come-bet applies to the next point-number, if the players rolls one. For example; shooter rolls a 4, you place a come bet, shooter rolls a 5; the 5 is your point-number which you are hoping the shooter will roll again to win you your bet. Unlike the pass line bet where you will lose if the shooter rolls a 7 while trying to roll the point-number again, rolling a 7 or 11 can win you your come bet. This is often bittersweet though, as rolling a 7 will cause you to lose your pass line bet (seven out) and win your come bet.

Odds Bets

Unlike in bricks and mortar casinos, where you can bark at the casino employees about what odds bet you wish to place on which number, the options are limited at online casinos. Most casinos offer "4 to 1" or "7 to 1" bets which are based on the probability of getting a certain roll (such as a hard 6, which is 2 dice with 3 on them), but we recommend you steer clear of these bets and instead place pass line or come bets. However, if you're feeling lucky, then don't let us stop you.

Craps Glossary

Now that you know the basics of craps, you should next consult our glossary to find out key Craps terms and what they mean.

Big 6
A big 6 in craps is when you bet that the shooter will roll a 6 before they roll a 7.
Big 8
Like the Big 6, a Big 8 in online craps when you bet the shooter will roll an 8 before a 7.
Hard 4
A hard 4 when you roll "2" on both dices in craps.
Hard 6
This is when you roll "3" on both dices.
Hard 8
Much like Hard 4 and Hard 6, a Hard 8 bet when you roll "4" on both of the dices.
Hard 10
A hard 10 is when you roll 5's on both dices in craps.
This is the person rolling the dice, in online casinos you have the option to continue rolling, whether you lose a bet or not.
Snake Eyes
A snake eyes in online craps is when roll 1's on both dices.

Where to Play Online Craps

Finally, it's time to find out which online casinos offer craps and more importantly, which offer the lowest and highest house edge on the popular casino game.

Where to Play House Edge
Ladbrokes Casino 1.54%
Intercasino 3.64%
32Red Casino 2.39%
Betfair Casino Unknown

Best Casinos for Craps

Craps is available in the majority of our featured casinos, so we have compiled a quick selection of the best online casinos to play at Craps.

Ladbrokes Casino LogoLadbrokes Casino
Welcome Bonus: £500
Ladbrokes Casino Craps screenshot
Ladbrokes offer energetic and entertaining games of craps, which come recommended.