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Casino Experts Interviews

Casino Expert InterviewsIf you’ve ever wondered how the pros really play blackjack, or wanted to know how mathematicians apply academic principles to gambling and in turn beat the house at their own game, then look no further than our interviews with prominent casino experts. We tap into the minds of several gaming experts, ranging from established casino authorities as well as budding industry movers and shakers to bring you exclusive information about everything gambling related.

As part of our experts section we’ll bring you interviews and thoughts from some of the leading minds in the gaming industry. Read any of our authority interviews today and you’re sure to find out insider information about your favourite casino games which you won’t find anywhere else. Below you'll find a complete list of our interviews to date, which cover topics ranging from jai alai to RFID casino chips.

Bryan Bailey Interview: Being The Casinomeister

CasinomeisterBryan Bailey - AKA the Casinomeister - has been involved with online casinos since the 1990s and with that sort of experience comes a whole lot of knowledge. sat down with the Casinomeister to speak about online casino safety, trust issues as well as the good, the bad and the underperforming online casino around right now. Read the Bryan Bailey Interview now.

Bryan Berg Interview: The Cardstacker

Pinball Hall of FameThe first ever Guinness World Record holder to feature on comes in the form of Bryan Berg. Otherwise known as the Cardstacker, Berg was in London doing what he does best - re-creating landmarks out of playing cards. This time round he was building the Houses of Parliament using more than 45,000 cards. It was quite something to behold, so be sure to check out our gallery of pictures from Berg's casino card creations. Read the Bryan Berg Interview here.

The Pinball Hall of Fame: An Interview with Tim Arnold

Pinball Hall of FameThe Pinball Hall of Fame is one of Las Vegas' quirkiest museums. Find out about the museum, which is a registered charity and the owner, Tim Arnold, by checking out our interview. We discuss what its like running a charitable organisation in the middle of Sin City and also find out about the museum's many pinball machines. Read our Pinball Hall of Fame interview now.

Bally Technologies Interview: Future Slots Developments

Dan SavageAs one of the biggest slot machine manufacturers in the world, chances are you’ve come across a Bally Technologies slot machine in a casino. We spoke to Dan Savage, the vice-president of marketing for the company, about what the future holds of the slots manufacturer. Slots fans should certainly read our Bally Technologies interview.

Joe Brennan Jr Interview: Making Gambling Law in the US

Joe Brennan JrJoe Brennan Jr is the chairman of iMEGA and has campaigned for the legalising of online gambling in the US since 2007. We find out from Brennan how the New Jersey online gambling legislation has been created, the chances of similar laws appearing in different states and how the future looks for online gambling in the US.

Dylan Evans Interview: Calculate Your Risk Intelligence

Dylan EvansDylan Evans has invited members of the public to test their risk intelligence and find out whether they could become an expert gambler. We discuss the University College Cork lecturer’s research, as well as what he has found so far from data submitted to the Projection Point website. Find out more by reading our Dylan Evans interview.

Casino Surveillance: An Interview with Jim Goding

Jim GodingEver wondered about the surveillance ‘eye in the sky’ in casinos? Casino Online chats with Jim Goding, one of the US’ top casino surveillance agents, about his time in the industry, what would-be investigators can expect from day to day life in a casino, as well as some of the many cheating devices he’s come across.

Gambling and Law: An Interview with John Hagan

John HaganWe discuss current UK gambling legislation, as well as what the future holds for casino operators who wish to advertise in the UK with John Hagan, of the leading law firm Harris Hagan. Read our interview, Gambling and Law: An Interview With John Hagan, to find out more about gambling legislation in the UK.

Bill Haywood Interview - Casino Bonus Hunting for Beginners

Bill HaywoodFind out about bonus hunting at online casinos by reading our interview with Bill Haywood, author of Haywood discusses how potential hunters should camouflage themselves when wagering at casinos and what to expect should you run into difficulty with the casino management. Make sure to check out Bill Haywood - Casino Bonus Hunting for Beginners.

The LV Bear Talks Casinos, Blackjack and Crime

LV BearKnown as one of the few blackjack authorities still playing, the LV Bear represents everything that casinos love to hate. As a notable card counter and blackjack pro, the Bear tells us how he’s managed to make a profit from casinos in Las Vegas and why the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) should be repealed. Check out our interview where the The LV Bear Talks Casinos, Blackjack and Crime.

Richard Moreno Interview: Nevada Past and Present

Richard MorenoLearn about the history of Nevada and Las Vegas, as well as its eccentricities and quirks by reading our interview with Richard Moreno. Featuring the thoughts of one of Nevada's most prominent writers and details about his most recent books, as well as planned publications, our Richard Moreno interview isn't to be missed.

National Gaming Academy: An Interview With Colleen McLaughlin

Thinking of becoming a casino dealer? Make sure to check out our National Gaming Academy interview with Colleen McLaughlin. McLaughlin also discusses why the government scrapped plans for super casinos and how the British gaming industry has evolved to become what it is today.

Pete Nordsted Interview: Mastering Betfair

Pete NordstedPete Nordsted’s book, Mastering Betfair scored full marks in our book reviews feature and was praised for its fresh approach to Betfair trading. Find out more about the betting strategies Nordsted offers in his title, as well as why he chose to become a sports trader on Betfair by reading our interview, entitled “Pete Nordsted: Mastering Betfair”.

I. Nelson Rose Interview - Gambling in the US

I. Nelson RoseProfessor I. Nelson Rose is commonly known as a leading expert on gambling law. He has taught undergraduate and graduate students, as well as practicing lawyers and regulators. His knowledge has also seen him be called upon as an expert witness by a number of states regarding land based and online gambling law. In our interview with I. Nelson Rose, we discuss the recent poker indictments and the possible effect on online casinos.

Victor H. Royer Interview: The Truth About Casinos and Las Vegas

Victor RoyerOne of Las Vegas’ best loved casino experts, Victor Royer is the author of 22 gambling books and an experienced card counter. We talk to Royer about the future of Las Vegas and gain his insight on the UIGEA and recent casino game rule changes. Gain the full story by reading our Victor H. Royer interview now.

Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative Interview

Michael WaxmanFollowing the events of Black Friday, we spoke with Michael Waxman of the Safe and Secure Gambling Initiative about online gambling legislation in the US. Find out why the Safe and Secure Gambling Initiative believes regulating online casinos and poker rooms would safeguard the rights of consumers in our exclusive interview.

Kyle Siler Interview: Why Winning Isn't Everything in Poker

Kyle SilerFind out about Kyle Siler’s new sociological study of online poker, which has found that by winning poker hands, players could set themselves up for greater losses in the long-run. Utilising data mined from hand histories and poker rooms, Siler’s study has already made waves in the gambling industry. Read our exclusive interview: Kyle Siler: Why Winning Isn’t Everything in Poker.

Gambling and Jai Alai: An Interview With Steven Skiena

Jai AlaiBy day, Steven Skiena is a “mild mannered” professor at a New York university. Take him to a jai alai match though and he’ll figure out a way to make a profit from betting. Find out about Skiena’s betting system and more about the game of jai alai by checking out our interview, aptly titled Gambling and Jai Alai.

The Slot Academy and University of Nevada Interview

Slot Academy and University of NevadaWe catch up with Lucien Wijsman and Cheryl Olson, who respectively represent the Slot Academy and the University of Nevada, about their new educational course, the Slot Summit. Find out what the course has to offer in our exclusive Slot Academy and University of Nevada interview. Slot Academy and University of Nevada interview.

Look Who’s Card Counting: An Interview With Kris Zutis and Dr. Jesse Hoey

Blackjack SystemKris Zutis recently hit the headlines when he announced he’d created a computer system which could detect card counting and dealer errors in blackjack games. Since then, Zutis has been heralded as both hero and villain by the casino industry and advantage players respectively. Find out about the system by reading our interview, titled Look Who’s Card Counting: An Interview With Kris Zutis and Dr. Jesse Hoey.

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