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Mobile Casinos:
More and More Popular

There are approximately 5.6 billion mobile phones in use around the world, not bad considering that there's almost 7 billion people. As technology on these phones has developed the variety of activities that you can do on them has increased dramatically.

Of these activities mobile gambling is at the forefront. It's rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways to place a bet with a September 2010 report predicting that more than £30 billion will have been wagered by 2015.

It seemed strange to use that there were plenty of mobile casinos around but very few, if any, good mobile casino guides. To rectify this, we created which is optimised to work best from an android phone or an iPhone.

Our mobile casino guide offers you all the advice you need on mobile casinos, games and bonuses in a short and easy-to-use format.

Of all of the mobile gambling options available, mobile casinos are perhaps the most entertaining with players able to play slots, blackjack, roulette and many other games from the palm of their hand. As a result, it has been no surprise that mobile casinos have rapidly increased in popularity. The increase has been huge with growth of 10-20% every year.

Once you've played at a mobile casino it's easy to see why they've become so popular. There are a whole host of benefits when going mobile so below we've listed just a few of them.

Mobile Casino Benefits:

  • Able to play mobile slots and casino games anywhere.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Suitable for hundreds of different phones.
  • Exclusive mobile casino bonuses and promotions.

Differences between Online and Mobile Casinos

There are actually very few differences between mobile casinos and their online counterparts. This means that if you've ever enjoyed playing at an online casino then there's no reason why you won't like a mobile one. Currently the biggest difference between the two platforms is the number of games on offer as mobile casinos still have someway to go until they are on par with online download casinos.

Of course the biggest benefit of mobile casinos is the ease with which they can be used. Just a few, clicks, swipes or touches on your phone and you are able to get playing almost immediately. You can also play them anywhere as long as you have an internet connection, making it even easier to have a go at your favourite games whenever and wherever you like.

As speed is a major benefit of mobile casinos, operators have made sure that you needn't waste time when registering and logging in. They have done so by having very short login details meaning that you can get playing as quickly as possible. Very handy if you're looking to squeeze a few spins in on the bus!

In terms of the actual gameplay, very little changes. For example, mobile slots players are still able to enjoy all of the bonus rounds and features as online slots players. However, there is considerably less choice when it comes to mobile casino games. Most mobile casinos will have somewhere in the region of 10-20 games to choose from, often including multiple slots, blackjack, baccarat, roulette and video poker.

Compatible Phones

As with the choice of games, the number of compatible phones changes from mobile casino to mobile casino. But one thing that we can assure you of is that regardless of the phone that you have, there will be a mobile casino that you can play.

Some casinos are compatible with hundreds of phones with many brands and models that we've never even heard of. As well as the more obscure phones, many online casinos even have specially designed casinos for some of the more popular brands.

Android Casinos

Android LogoAndroid casinos are particularly popular and allow for fantastic touch-screen mobile casino gambling. They are the most popular form of mobile casino and have seen the most rapid development with some mobile casinos now offering an entire lobby with more than 20 different mobile casino games.

iPhone Casinos

iPhone LogoiPhone casinos certainly aren't far behind in terms of development and as a result are also proving popular. Other Apple product users will be pleased to know that iPad casinos are now emerging allowing them to make use of the bigger screen and HD display.

Blackberry Casinos

Blackberry LogoFinally Blackberry casinos have also proved to be well-liked and are the third most popular type of mobile casino. Their release of touch screen phones has ensured that their users aren't going to be left behind and can also get hold of the best mobile casino games around.