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Casino Rewards

Casino RewardsAll online casinos worth their salt will operate a reward program. Some you will be able to enter automatically, others you will need to qualify in some way to become a member. Essentially they are the same, though the benefits you can gain will be different. Here we will examine both types of reward programs and show what you can expect to receive.

Basic Reward Programs

Most online casinos will run a basic reward program (sometimes called a loyalty program) at the very least. You will normally become a member of the program as soon as you sign up, which means you can start reaping the benefits right away.

In these reward programs you will earn points for every bet you make, regardless of whether you win or lose. The amount of points you gain will obviously be dependant on the amount you have gambled, but this can also vary from game to game. For example, if you have staked £10 playing a slot machine you could gain 3 reward points. However, if you played that same £10 on blackjack you could be eligible for only 1 reward point.

These reward points can then be exchanged for casino credits to play with for real. But remember, if you are largely playing to gain reward points, make sure you are playing a game that will reward you with the most reward points in the quickest time.

Exclusive Reward Programs

VIP ProgramsThis type of reward program (sometimes called a VIP club) will not be operated by every online casino. Furthermore, to become a member of this type of club is much harder and because of this, the rewards will be greater. Typically you will need to be a regular player and wager larger amounts over a period of time to be eligible.

Usually, the VIP reward program will work on the same basis as a basic reward programme where you receive points for bets you place. However, you will be able to gain reward points easier and quicker from your bets.

Your monthly bonus may also change once you become a member of this club. For example, if the casino operates a £50 standard monthly match bonus, once you become a member of the higher-tier reward programme this may well be increased to £75.

Dependant on the online casino, further perks may also be offered. Some online casinos will hold special tournaments just for the members of their VIP club and offer other exclusive benefits.

Club Rouge - 32Red Casino VIP Club

Club Rouge32Red Casino offers both a loyalty points reward scheme and a VIP club, making them our top online casino when it comes to rewarding players. All players are invited to take part in 32Red Casino’s loyalty point’s scheme, but their VIP Club, Club Rouge, is strictly invite only.

As a member of Club Rouge, you’ll be able to earn loyalty points (or red rubies, as they’re known at 32Red) on whichever casino games you choose to play and you’ll also be able to claim exclusive monthly match bonuses. VIP Club members will also receive stylish gifts, such as champagne and Cuban cigars. For more information about getting rewarded by 32Red Casino, read our overview of 32Red Casino's Loyalty Scheme or for a more complete picture of the casino, read our review.

About the Rewards

Information Icon In order to keep players coming back to a casino, the majority of online casinos now offer loyalty programs which reward the player every time they make a deposit. If you want to play at a casino which offers you an incentive for returning, then make sure you investigate their loyalty scheme.

More Information

The most popular types of loyalty schemes tend to be points based, but high-rollers are often invited to join VIP clubs, where they're regularly showered with gifts. Of course, the loyalty program an online casino offers shouldn't be the only reason you play there - after all, you join a casino to play casino games, not pick up points, but they are something you should bear in mind.