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Victor H. Royer - Casino Gamble Talk: The Language of Gambling and New Casino Games

Casino Gamble Talk: The Language of Gambling and New Casino Games

Victor H. Royer – Casino Gamble Talk

Victor H. Royer

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Victor H. Royer's Casino Gamble Talk is more than just a gambling glossary or dictionary. The valuable resource is filled with interesting gambling anecdotes, valuable tips, history lessons, and game guides that can quickly have you playing like a pro. Casino Gamble Talk proves that Royer isn't just a gifted writer. He's also a brilliant tour guide into the world of gambling. Whether you prefer playing live or on the internet, Casino Gamble Talk will have you speaking like an expert and winning like pro in no time.

Published in 2003 by Kensington Publishing Corp, Victor Royer’s Casino Gamble Talk aims, in part, to define, demystify and demonstrate the meaning behind various phrases, or “slang”, which make up the “language of gambling”. However, it also acts as a multifaceted casino reference tool: Not only can you find out key phases in the gambling dictionary (Part I of the book), you can also examine their usage in the context of a range of game guides, which make up Part II of Casino Gamble Talk.

While Victor Royer is a prominent gambling expert, newcomers to the world of casinos need not be put off by Royer’s knowledge, or his lucrative background in Las Vegas casinos. At the beginning of the book, Royer addresses key potential concerns of casino amateurs, and discusses how expert players take advantage of casinos:

For the knowledgeable casino player, casinos are a bank where you can deposit a little money and have the opportunity to come out with a lot of money!.. The trick is in knowing what kind of games and machines to look for, how to play them to your best advantage, how to manage the money you spend and win, and how to parlay.

The above quotation from Royer’s Casino Gamble Talk could also act as the author’s manifesto, as throughout the publication Royer deftly and accurately provides advice on all of the aforementioned topics, and more. Royer provides in-depth game guides on a wide variety of casino staples, such as blackjack and slots, as well as niche games like Caribbean Stud Poker. However, he also acts as your very own casino confidant, advising on useful aspects of gaming that other titles leave out.

While writing the book, Royer “visited virtually all the casinos in the United States” and spoke to “thousands of people” ranging from guests to gamblers, and executives to employees. The author’s experience in the casino industry means that not only is he able to define what “dime” really means in a casino (in gambling terms, “dime” actually refers to $1000) but he also inspires confidence in the reader. As Royer suggests throughout Casino Gamble Talk, there’s no need to feel intimidated by dealers or other players, as “you’re not there to are there to win money”. Throughout the book Royer positively enforces such affirming concepts, making this more than just your ordinary gambling title.

Surprisingly, there’s also another layer to Royer’s publication. As an author steeped in the history of gambling, Royer manages to fuse culture with Las Vegas’ favourite past time, informing readers of the meaning behind nostalgic gambling phrases such as “stroll in the desert”, as well as alluding to the past involvement of the mob in the Vegas casino industry. Royer also dexterously discusses the dress code of certain casino employees and, as he does throughout Casino Gamble Talk, manages to empower the reader.

Casino Gamble Talk is an accomplished work which seamlessly merges the history and culture of gambling, along with exhaustive game guides. If you’re looking for a unique introduction into the world of online gambling, Royer's book is for you.