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Play Safely Online By Avoiding Blacklisted Casinos

Play Safely Online By Avoiding Blacklisted Casinos

Did you know there are hundreds of places to gamble on the internet? While many online casinos take pride in offering fair games, protecting your privacy, providing quick payouts, and having great customer service, not all sites are equal. In fact, there are some rogue sites that ought to be avoided at all costs.

Fortunately, it's easy to educate yourself and be vigilant when playing online. You can start by browsing our insightful blacklist. It's the simplest way to make sure your money will never be at risk.

How we Define 'Blacklisted'

Our blacklist is effectively a hall of shame, featuring gambling sites that ought to be avoided at all costs. While a simple list will let you know which online casinos to avoid, it's more useful to know why sites appear on the blacklist. The list of possible infractions is lengthy and can range from seemingly minor issues, like poor customer service or unethical advertising practices, to major legal violations, like stealing player funds or operating without a valid license.

Your duty as a gambler is to make sure you are aware of any online casino's history and reputation before deciding to make a deposit with them. Luckily, this can be achieved by reading about your chosen operator before committing your details. Now that gambling is fully legal, there's no justifiable reason to play at a blacklisted casino online. Why would you take your chances on a rogue site when there are dozens of critically acclaimed casino online sites that are licensed, regulated, and certified? The answer is you shouldn't and this blacklist will make sure that you don't.

Reasons Behind the Label

As mentioned above, there are numerous reasons a casino online may be blacklisted. Here are some of the most common troubling infractions:

  • Falsifying or failing to hold a valid gaming license
  • Refusing to pay players their winnings promptly or at all
  • Hosting games that are unfair
  • Neglecting to safeguard player's deposits and withdrawals
  • Failing to protect players' personal information and passwords
  • Offering inadequate or poor customer service

Failing to adequately protect a player's privacy or financial welfare is ample reason for an online casino to be blacklisted. Once blacklisted, it is almost impossible for an online casino to continue operating in the industry as word will quickly travel around the community that they are not to be trusted, swiftly resulting in a mass exodus of players and inevitable closure.

Doing Your Part

Protecting yourself from rogue operators in the online casino industry is both an active and reactive process. First and foremost, you should arm yourself with as much information as you can about a prospective operator by regularly reading casino online reviews, the comments & feedback left by real players in online casino forums are also a great indicator.

Secondly, keep your eyes open for important things like security certification and any direct reference to a regulating body or gambling commission on the online casino's homepage, as these are things most reputable operators will actively want to display prominently.

Finally, it is important to remember that you have just as much influence in shaping the online casino community as it does on shaping your decisions. If you've read up on your reviews and deposited at a casino online that is widely considered to be reputable, but have found reason to believe that all is not as it seems, don't be afraid to air those concerns with other members of the online casino community.

Similarly, if you've had a particularly bad experience making deposits, withdrawals or simply communicating with customer services, don't just sit on this information, share it with the community to make sure other players can make better-informed decisions.

Our Online Casino Blacklist

Casino Name Major Problem UK players experiencing unfair wager requirements for bonus redemptions
Balzac Casino Pay out requests repeatedly denied and customer complaints ignored.
Casino Atlanta Accounts being closed with payments outstanding.
Eldorado Palace Lack of transparency, crazy clauses, and question marks over its licencing
Grand Reef Casino Withdrawals reportedly taking months or being refused altogether
Jupiter Club Casino Restricted for UK players and discrepancies around pay outs.
Lady Dream Out-dated, misleading, and untrustworthy software.
Prism Casino Slow to pay and frequently voids legitimate wins.
Pure Vegas Casino Slow payments and payments made in capped instalments over months.
Wild Vegas Casino Series of problems with players unable to cash out or withdraw funds.

Gambling Safely on the Internet

All in all, you have very little to fear from blacklisted online casinos. While there will always be rogue operators out there, the casino online industry is largely self-policing and regulatory bodies are quick to crack down on anyone proven to be guilty of any malpractice or misconduct. Simply remember to do your research before depositing, and if you do have a negative experience, be sure to share it with the community to save others from facing similar problems in the future too.

Of course, avoiding bad sites is just part of the story. What you really want is to have a fantastic experience every time you play. Fortunately, choosing a great site doesn't depend on luck of the draw. All the sites we recommend aren't just fully licenced and regulated, they've also been assessed for safety, security, and reliability. There's no need to stake your fortune on mediocre or unscrupulous casinos when great options are staring you in the face.

Blacklist FAQs

  • What is a blacklisted site?

    A blacklisted site is a casino online with a documented history of unethical or even illegal behaviour. This could include not having a licence, failing to pay players, or offering crooked games. The issues are bad enough that we recommend players steer clear of these sites at all costs.

  • Why should I avoid these sites?

    There are lots of reasons to avoid blacklisted sites, but it depends on the severity of a site's problems. Playing at a blacklisted casino online may cause you financial loss or even lead to identity theft. On the other end of the spectrum, you might just have to contend with poor customer service, unfair games, and slow payments. Either way, there are much better sites out there.

  • What if I have already signed up?

    If you've already signed up and haven't deposited any funds, you may want to consider closing your account. If you currently have a balance, we recommend trying to withdraw your winnings as soon as possible. It is possible that you may not experience the same issues as other players.

  • Can I get my money back?

    You may be able to get your money back, so the first step is to try cashing out. Not all sites are blacklisted for financial reasons. Depending on the payment method you used to fund your account, you may have some recourse with your card issuer or bank in some situations.

  • How can I spot an untrustworthy site?

    The easiest way to spot an untrustworthy site is by making use of blacklists like this one, browsing various online gambling forums, and checking reviews on social media. Untrustworthy sites often have slick landing pages and may falsify their credentials, so a visually appealing site does not necessarily deserve your trust. It's far simpler to give your business to reputable casinos that are known to be reputable and come highly recommended.