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Kenneth R. Smith - How To Win More Blackjack Tournaments

How To Win More Blackjack Tournaments

Kenneth R. Smith - How to Win More Blackjack Tournaments

Kenneth R. Smith

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Whether you are a seasoned blackjack player or new to the game, Kenneth R. Smith can help you become a proficient tournament player. In How to Win More Blackjack Tournaments, the author draws on his more than twenty years of tournament experience to provide readers with valuable tips and insider information. Smith isn't just a repository of knowledge. He's also a brilliant teacher who has little trouble explaining complicated strategies in the simplest possible way. It doesn't matter if you are unfamiliar with tournaments or already have your own proven track record, How To Win More Blackjack Tournaments lives us to its promise.

Kenneth R. Smith's How To Win More Blackjack Tournaments, goes further than its title suggests, as before it shows you how to win blackjack tournaments, it also explains to the less experienced players among us what blackjack tournaments consist of, as well as how to play.
This is highlighted in the first chapter, which is written by Henry Tamburin, a well-known gambling expert and author of Blackjack: Take the Money and Run. In this chapter, the fundamentals of the card game are covered, with Tamburin taking you through the differences between casino and tournament blackjack play. Once you’ve been gently eased in and have a better understanding of the game, Smith then moves on to more complex issues such as strategy, doubling and controlling your bankroll.

The book slowly changes purpose from being more informative in the early chapters to becoming more of a tipsters guide. However, from the introduction and tournament basics at the beginning of the book all the way through to avoiding elimination and the significance of your position, How To Win More Blackjack Tournaments has clearly been written with one thing in mind; giving the reader an advantage. It’s for this reason that no tournament blackjack player should be without this book, as Smith passes on his considerable expertise in a way that is as easy to understand as it is to put into practice.

Smith has been taking part in blackjack tournaments since 1994 and that experience shows, as he’s able to explain which plays are suitable for which situations. The reason for his ability to do this is simple; he’s been there and done it! One of the many examples of this in the book can be found in Chapter 14, So You've Split a Pair. Now What?, where Smith describes the negatives of traditional post-splitting strategies.

Another example of Smith being able to use his familiarity with the topic to teach is when he draws on specific experiences, such as the blackjack hand he discusses at the beginning of Chapter 20, Confusion Reigns Supreme. In this particular example, Smith also overcomes one of the problems that readers are often faced with when reading blackjack books; over-complicating it. The author makes a particular point of showing the benefit of simplicity and this is echoed throughout the guide, which makes How To Win More Blackjack Tournaments a much easier book to read.

The ease at which any person can read this book is another great advantage of it, as it makes complex strategies, different forms of tournaments and diverse plays as simple to understand as humanly possible. However, How To Win More Blackjack Tournaments will still teach blackjack players of all experience levels a thing or two and even connoisseurs are bound to learn something new, or find the book thought-provoking at the very least. If you’re gambling experience has been so far limited to games such as online casino slots, then Smith’s guide offers the perfect introduction to blackjack.

It doesn’t take long to realise how useful How To Win More Blackjack Tournaments can be to every blackjack player, as it’s simply bursting with tips, guides, and strategies to make you a better player. Not only this, but Smith’s use of his own experiences gives the reader a rare insight into the life of a regular blackjack tournament player and is bound to leave you wanting to hit the tables yourself.