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Online Casino War For Real Money In The UK

Online Casino War For Real Money In The UK

Casino War is a great online gambling game that's making more of an appearance on the net. It's simple to play and you can choose from a wide range of stakes. Better yet, you don't need to download the Casino War game to play.

Whether you're enjoying a full download version, or gambling via your smartphone's web browser, Casino War will provide you with tons of entertainment and excitement. You'll even find this online classic at our best recommended site of the month - Betway Casino.

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Learning the Basics

Casino War is an easy-to-learn card game played against the House. Most variants feature five to six decks, which are shuffled between hands. Don't worry about safety, as all casino online rooms will have a solid RNG (Random Number Generator) governing the fairness of the shuffle and deal.

After an initial bet, called an ante, the player and dealer both get one card. If you have the higher hand then you'll win an even-money bet equal to your stake. If the dealer's card is higher, the player loses. Aces are always high.

If the dealer and player have the same-value card, however, it's a tie and the game "goes to war". Alternatively, the player can surrender 50 percent of his stake and go to the next hand.

Going to War

The player now gets to raise, or put in a bet equal to his ante. The dealer discards three cards ("burns") and both he and the player are dealt another card. If your card is equal to or higher than the dealer's card, you win. Remember that the player will only win his original bet this way.

Players get to place side bets on there being a tie. If that comes up, the payout is 10/1 the initial ante.

Understanding Simple Strategy

With a small house edge, online Casino War is all about not making mistakes. We advise steering clear of side bets as they are heavily skewed in favour of the House, and don't be afraid to raise in the event of a tie. Remember, the player wins if another tie appears and in some casinos, two ties in a row wins you a special payout.

It's worth remembering the house edge. If a tie occurs, the player has to raise the bet. However, he's only winning his original stake back, so it's a winning situation for the dealer.

Spotting a Top Gambling Destination

Casino War isn't available everywhere in 2024. If you find a casino online offering the game, it's important to make sure the rest of the site is operating well.

Is the licensing and security up to scratch? Does it have good payout times for a casino online? Is your real-money banking safe with its SSL software? And what are the bonuses like?

Always do your research before signing up. Have a staking plan in place too. If you find a Casino War site online but it's reserved for high rollers you need to ensure your bankroll can handle it.

Find the Best Casinos in Town

Casino War is a fun and simple game where you can win some real cash, but it can be a little difficult to find as it's still gaining popularity. Luckily, you don't need to do the hard work as we've done it for you. Our recommended casino online sites have tonnes of great gambling action, whatever your stakes. Sign up now and start crushing the top games in 2024.

Online Casino Games – Casino War FAQs

Casino Online has found that Casino War, which is a table game trademarked by SHFL entertainment, Inc., is popular amongst UK online players. It’s one of the few table games where players have a good chance at winning more than 50% of the time. Based on the card game known as war, the point of this simple-to-learn table game is for the player to beat the dealer.

It is the easiest of all table games to play, as winning is predicated on the dealer and player placing a bet and each receiving one card face up. Cards are ranked normally from lowest to highest, with 2s being the lowest and aces the highest. Whoever has the highest card wins the hand.

If there is a tie, the player may elect to fold and lose half their bet, or to go to war. In going to war, the player makes a second bet, and, after three cards are burned, the dealer and player each are given one card with the highest card determining the winner. Below, you’ll find more information on this fun casino game from the staff at Casino Online.

  • Is Casino War legal to play?

    Yes, Casino Online has determined that this online table game is legal, as all online gaming, including casino table games, is a licensed and regulated activity in the UK by the UK Gaming Commission. You’ll find that this game is commonly played with six 52-card decks.

  • Where can I find it?

    Although many online gaming rooms offer Casino War, not all do. On this page dedicated to Casino War, you can find reputable online UK player casinos that provide players the chance to play this fast-moving game. Doing so will help you locate such casinos quickly and easily, while also assuring a quality gaming experience at a trustworthy online gaming room.

  • Is it popular in the UK?

    If you are an online casino UK player, you may have noticed that Casino War is becoming more popular. There are a few reasons for this. Casino War is exceptionally easy to learn and play. When playing at an Internet casino, online players can enjoy numerous hands in a short amount of time, which allows players to engage in an entertaining gaming experience even when they have little free time. Plus, the competitive aspect of the tie and resulting “war” that ensues offers players additional excitement and the opportunity to increase winnings.

  • How much is it possible to win?

    Casino Online has observed that most times Casino War pays even money. This is the case if the player wins when he/she is first dealt a card, or when they go to war. If a player goes to war, they must wager an amount equal to their original wager. If they win the war, a showdown where three cards are burned and then the dealer and player each get a card with the higher winning the hand, then the player gets even money on the war bet and the original wager is a push.

    When playing online Casino War if you bet £1 originally and then go to war and you bet £1 again and win the showdown, you’ll receive £3 back. That would be your original wager of £1 plus your £1 bet on the war, and the £1 for winning the war. It’s important to understand that the war bet favours the house, as you are risking £2 to win just one. If you do tie, you can reduce the edge by folding, which means you would lose half your bet.

    Casinos do offer a side bet that Casino Online has found usually offer a payout of 10:1. With this wager, you are betting on there being a tie between you and the dealer. If there is a tie, you’ll win £10 on a £1 bet. The overall house edge when playing Casino War with six 52-card decks in a little over 2%.

  • Are the games rigged?

    Casino Online notes that you’ll find that Casino War at UK regulated and licensed casinos is not rigged. Results of this real money casino game of chance, as is the case with all software-driven online games, are dictated by a random number generator, which cannot in any manner be manipulated by the casino. Please be assured that the online UK player casinos on our pages that offer Casino War are known entities that are secure, trustworthy, and reputable.