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No-Zero Roulette For UK Gamblers In 2024

No-Zero Roulette For UK Gamblers In 2024

No-Zero Roulette is a unique roulette variant only found online and, as the name suggests, the green zero has been removed to make the game fairer for players. No-Zero Roulette is a rare game to find for UK real cash players.

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That Important Missing Number

No-Zero Roulette is a variant that works like the infamous European version with one difference: the single zero slot has been removed.

It's no wonder, then, that No-Zero Roulette is sometimes called 'Zero Edge roulette'. With the green zero removed, all outside bets like Red/Black and Odd/Even bets have the chance to win. The house edge is basically removed.

Bets are made in the same way as European Roulette: load a table and drag chips to the areas of the table you want to bet on. Wagers can be made on outside bets that pay even-money, like Red/Black, Odd/Even, or 1-18/19-36. However, real money wagers can also be placed on individual numbers which pay 35/1.

Here's a basic list of payouts for a game of casino online No-Zero Roulette:

  • Single number - 35/1
  • Split (any two adjoining numbers) - 35/1
  • Street (three horizontal numbers) - 11/1
  • Corner (four adjoining numbers) - 8/1
  • Columns - 2/1
  • 1st dozen (Nos. 1-12) - 2/1
  • 2nd dozen (Nos. 13-24) - 2/1
  • 3rd dozen (Nos. 25-36) - 2/1
  • Odd/Even - 1/1
  • Red/Black - 1/1

Understanding the Edge

Despite the fact that this variant of roulette eliminates the house edge, it's important that all players understand what it is. In a game of American Roulette, the added 00 slot makes the house edge 5.26%. The European version only has a single zero, so the house edge reduces to 2.7%. With no zero at all in No-Zero Roulette, the house edge is reduced to 0.

Of course, the payouts are still a little skewed towards the house. There are 36 numbers to bet real money on but the payout for one number is only 35/1. The best strategy, therefore, is to stick to true even-money wagers like Red or Black. These have the greatest chance of winning you some serious real cash.

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Online Casino Games - No Zero Roulette FAQs

One of the newest casino table games that Casino Online has found that is growing in popularity is No Zero Roulette. As the name implies, this version of roulette, which can only be found at online casinos, has no zero. The lack of a zero means that this variant carries no house edge, making it more likely that roulette players can hit their numbers. Casino Online has created the following FAQs concerning No Zero Roulette for online casino UK players. Please read through these questions carefully to get a better understanding of this innovative online roulette game.

  • What is No Zero Roulette?

    No Zero Roulette is a version of roulette that has totally eliminated the zero. What Casino Online likes about No Zero Roulette is that it gets rid of the house edge, which means that real money players have a much better chance of winning their bets.

  • Is it popular?

    Yes, No Zero Roulette is very popular with online casino UK players, as it offers all of the excitement of single zero European roulette and of double zero American but without the house edge. That means that any casino that offers the no zero game has greatly increased its risk while lowering the risk for all players. By the way, no land-based casino is willing to provide No Zero Roulette as an option for its players and few online casinos presently offer it.

  • How is it different to standard roulette?

    The major way in which it is different is No Zero Roulette does not have a zero bet to make. That means there are 36 numbers and they are either red or black. There is no longer a green bet, which was associated with the zero and that fact truly makes the odds on even bets 50-50. The payouts are the same, and with the house edge eliminated, it’s more likely that players will hit their wagers, especially those that are offered at even odds.

  • How do the odds compare?

    As noted, if you are an online casino UK player, your odds of hitting any bet are greatly increased with the total elimination of all zeros from the gaming table. Plus, the payout odds are much closer to real odds. The payout rate for No Zero Roulette is close to 100%, which means for every pound wagered close to a pound is won by players. The house edge for American roulette is 5.28%, the edge of European is 2.70%, and for the French version it is 1.35%. Nothing beats No Zero Roulette in terms of the winning odds it offers to casino online UK players.

  • At what casinos can I play?

    There are various online casinos at which you may play No Zero Roulette, and as it becomes clear that players love to play this version of the highly popular table game, you can expect more real money casinos to offer it. Betfair was the first to give this online game a shot and more are deciding to feature it. Online casino UK players can find the best real money No Zero Roulette tables at Casino Online.

  • Can I use a roulette strategy?

    Yes, Casino Online has found that players can utilize roulette strategy when playing No Zero Roulette. At Casino Online, we suggest that players focus on making low-risk bets such as odd/even and red/black, as well dozen bets, and wagering on either the first or second half of the numbers. You may decide to make more risky bets such as single number, split, and corner wagers. These offer higher payouts, but, as noted, are much harder to hit.

    Some players will combine high- and low-risk wagers, putting more units on the wagers that offer least risk and lower payouts and a few units on those that offer a high risk and big payouts if hit.

  • Is it rigged?

    If you are an online casino UK player and are concerned about the fairness of No Zero Roulette games, make sure that you play at online casinos that are licensed and regulated by the UK Gaming Commission (UKGC). The UKGC protects players by making sure that online casinos follow proper procedures, adhere to strict standards, and offer games that are run in a fair manner.

    The results of No Zero Roulette games and all online software-driven casino games are dictated by random number generators (RNG), which are set by the game maker prior to their games being shipped to and installed at the online casinos. These RNG are part of the gaming software and cannot be changed in any manner by the casino. The game is not rigged.