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Reputable Casino Guide: Follow Us & Stay Safe Online

Reputable Casino Guide: Follow Us & Stay Safe Online

Playing casino games online is easier than ever. A simple log-in and photo ID is usually needed to get up and running. Within minutes you'll have access to a lobby packed with hundreds of games as well as big-money jackpots and bonus offers.

Although everything is easier on the internet, it's also easy for second-rate sites to set up shop. You want to restrict yourself to reputable sites, avoiding shoddy service, inaccurate payouts, or fraud.

But how do you know your personal data is safe, your funds are secure, and your overall gambling experience is in safe hands? With a decent checklist of things to watch out for you can make your casino online journey a much smoother one.

Spotting a Reputable UK Casino Online

So, where should you start when hunting out a reputable casino? Ignore the flashing lights and slick lobby for a moment and dig a little further.

Accounts & Money

When you make a deposit, your funds should be kept separate or segregated from any cash used by the casino to pay out winnings. The casino's terms & conditions page is a good place to check that this is implemented. Funds should be 'ring-fenced' and separate from the accounts of the casino itself. Sites that are worth their salt will always advertise this fact. Some gambling agencies and commissions require sites to segregate their funds as a condition of licensing.

Auditing & Licensing

All reputable casinos hold a gaming licence from a respected gaming jurisdiction. As well as being able to provide real-money gambling on the internet, a licence carries certain obligations. A proper framework for making complaints must be in place, and payouts should be fair and accurate. Security firewalls like SSL should also be in place to protect players' data. In many ways, gambling licences are badges of honour, which is one of the reasons they are proudly displayed on a casino's landing page. You can usually click on the license for additional details.

Look at the site for certificates from bodies like eCOGRA, TST, or other independent test labs that regularly audit casino software and payouts for accuracy and speed. Check the site's Terms and Conditions, specifically the Privacy Policy. Here you'll find details of the casino's policies towards sharing private information and personal data.

Awards & Longevity

While new casinos can be, and often are, perfectly respectable, there's a lot to be said for operators who've been around the block. A site that's been online for years is more likely to have built up its operations as well as a solid customer base.

Sites with longevity will also have picked up awards, displayed proudly in the casino lobby. They can be dished out for software, customer service, innovation, or offering the best all-round service. Awards are given out by reputable media outlets themselves, and can be trusted by all players. Trusted online casinos with a lengthy history have a reputation to uphold and will often go out of their way to keep players happy.

Size & Promos

Casino online players are a savvy bunch these days. They use the internet to find any horror stories associated with gaming sites, and do their research to find the best deals. If a casino, or group of casinos, boasts big progressive jackpots or regular big-money promotions it can be a sign that there are a lot of new sign-ups or a big number of real money depositors.

Reputable rooms will normally have an advertising budget too. Although the most respected sites don't always advertise on television, you can be sure that that late-night TV ad you've seen promoting a juicy welcome bonus is a sign of a reputable casino. Of course, it pays to do your research by reading reviews, browsing online casino forums, and seeing what fellow players have to say on social media.

The Hallmarks of a Great Site

Reputations are only part of the equation. Truly great sites have other common threads like great customer service, a huge selection of games, big bonuses, brilliant software, mobile compatibly, huge payouts, convenient banking methods, and quick cash outs. While most sites promise these things, you can rely on our reviews and recommendations to see if these qualities are as advertised.

Avoiding Blacklisted Sites

While there are dozens of spectacular online casinos available in the United Kingdom, not all sites are fantastic. In fact, some gambling sites are downright terrible and should be avoided at all costs. That's why we've created an casino online blacklist. We'll not only tell you which sites to steer clear of, but we'll also let you know the severity of the infractions. Casinos can appear on our blacklist for any number of reasons. Some infractions are minor, like providing slow payouts or having confusing bonus wagering requirements. Others are far more severe, such as failing to pay players, lacking a valid license, or offering rigged games.

With so many great places to play, there's no need to deal with mediocre sites let alone casinos that are guaranteed to cause you problems. While our recommendations and reviews paint a bright picture, it's important to know that not everything is so sunny. Simply being aware of the hazards will help you avoid them.

Piecing It All Together

The online arena can often throw you some curveballs, so you need to make sure you're prepared to knock them out of the park at all times. Hopefully this guide has given you an insight into what makes a reputable site, so that when you step into the matrix you can feel confident you're going to be safe.

When you ante-up online, the aim of the game is entertainment first and foremost. However, money is a natural part of the process and if you don't feel safe in a particular platform then you shouldn't ante-up. Take the information in this guide, save it in your memory banks, and then compare it against our list of recommended online casinos.

Although every platform listed on our site is high quality and well respected, we still want you to have the knowledge necessary to make informed choices. Through this combination of personal experience and expert guidance, you should have all the information you need to thrive in the often hectic world of online casino gaming.

Stay Safe & Play Smart

When you're looking to have a little fun, it's easy to throw caution to the wind. Yet easy and smart are rarely synonymous. Just like you wouldn't dive headfirst into a pool without checking to see that it's filled with water, you shouldn't put your trust in just any gambling site. While we fully understand that you just want to start rolling the dice or taking all those vibrant slots for a spin, it's best to exercise a little care. Playing wisely is as simple as sticking to reputable sites.

It's a great idea to not only view your site's credentials, but you'll want to check out recommendations and reviews. By spending just a couple of minutes, you'll not only find a site you can trust, but you'll have more fun knowing the games are fair and your money is safe.