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Casino Tips and Advice

Casino Tips and Advice

Have you ever wondered why certain players seem to win more in casinos? Well, chances are they are more than just lucky. It's more likely that they have a few 'secrets', or tips, hidden up their sleeve, which they can pull out at any moment and use to cut the house edge down to size. Fortunately for you, these key casino tips are no longer hidden away in dark-lit poker rooms only to be mumbled to initiated players. We've got our hands on some top tips that may help increase your chances at your favourite casino online. Keep reading to discover our top ten casino tips.

1. Know the Rules

This one goes without saying. Yet just in case there are some players out there who are not following this guideline, it's worth stating the obvious. Knowing the rules to the games you are playing is integral to your success. It may surprise you to learn that blackjack has several variations, each one played with a different amount of decks and different rules. Joining a table where you don't know which variation you are playing simply spells disaster, so read up on your game of choice with one of our in-depth casino game guides.

2. Take Advantage of Bonuses

With dozens of excellent gambling sites in the United Kingdom, the competition for your attention is intense. That's why it's common for sites to tempt you to try their games by offering big bonuses. It might sound too good to be true, but many casinos will effectively pay you to play. All you have to do is claim a bonus offer, which could put hundreds of pounds in your wallet. Keep in mind casino bonuses often come with wagering requirements, which require you to play a predetermined number of games before withdrawing your winnings, as well as other terms and conditions. Therefore, it’s imperative to check these out before playing and claiming a bonus. Otherwise, you could find yourself playing with a bonus which you will need to wager many times before you will be able to withdraw.

3. Search Out Casino Game Strategies

While knowing the rules is absolutely essential, it's just one ingredient in the recipe of success. What you really need is a winning strategy for your favourite game. The internet is full of in-depth strategy guides and the majority of our featured online casinos also offer strategy tips and even automated strategies which you can put into play. For games that involve an element of skill, like blackjack and poker, being aware of a strategy is key to your survival on the table. In the case of blackjack, some winning strategies can help you eliminate most of the house's edge.

4. Don’t Chase Your Losses

This one should go without saying, but it’s a rule often ignored by players. If you’re experiencing a cold streak on a certain casino game, then just walk away. Don’t think that by wagering more you’ll catch up on your losses, as there is a danger you’ll end up out of pocket more than you’d care to be.

5. Set a Budget

There's no denying that we all want to hit the jackpot. Yet it's important to understand that gambling is essentially entertainment. All casinos have a mathematical advantage over their players. Although, it's certainly possible to win thousands or even more, it's just as easy to plough through your bankroll faster than you anticipated. No matter what happens at the tables, it's best to set a budget and adhere to it no matter what. Not risking more than you can afford to lose is the first step in playing responsibly.

6. Practice As Much As Possible

If you plan on playing games that feature elements of skill like blackjack or poker, your success depends in part on your game knowledge. That knowledge is especially easy to acquire on the internet. You may not realise it, but gambling sites let you play almost any game for free. It's a great way to try out new favourites, learn the rules, and practice strategies until you become a fully-fledged master.

7. Don't Drink & Gamble

Everyone warns about this, but decent casino players will tell you that it bodes well to stay clear of alcohol. Not only does drinking cloud your judgement, but it also erodes your inhibition if you start betting while intoxicated. If you plan on making your bankroll last then steer clear of the complimentary drinks casinos offer, as it's just a ploy for them to make their money quicker. Abstaining from alcohol is equally important when playing at home. There's nothing wrong with celebrating with that bottle of champagne sitting on your counter, provided you've already logged off for the night.

8. Make Use of VIP Programs

Whether you play online or offline, it's important to take advantage of loyalty programmes. Just about every internet casino offers a VIP rewards programme that will let you earn points whenever you play. It's your ticket to great prizes, cash rebates, dedicated customer service, invitations to special events, and so much more. It's great to know you can get plenty of perks no matter how you fare at the slots and tables.

9. Don't Fall For the Gambler's Fallacy

If you aren't familiar with the gambler's fallacy, it's the false belief that your luck is due to change when you find yourself losing. Anyone who understands casino odds and variance knows that outcome is possible over the short term. Yet many players will mistakenly tell you they're due for a win when they find themselves deep in the red. What's even worse is that people often up their bets hoping to compensate for their losses, only to lose even more. The best thing you can do is not fall into this trap by always sticking to your set budget.

10. Have Fun

This might not seem insightful, but the whole point of casinos is to have fun. That's true whether you play at the hottest spots in London or on your mobile. Don't be afraid to branch out of your comfort zone and try new games. You never know what you'll discover, besides endless entertainment and a chance to win a sizable jackpot.

Success through Casino Tips

So there we have it, our top casino tips, applicable both in bricks and mortar and online casinos, which you can follow and use in your gameplay. We are sure you'll see some improvement in your game if you follow these simple guidelines. It's a good idea to bookmark this page for future reference too. If you feel you are ready to take the plunge, check out our reviews to find a casino to apply all the useful knowledge you have just gained.