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Bill Burton - 1000 Best Casino Gambling Secrets

1000 Best Casino Gambling Secrets

Best casino Gambling secrets. Shhh...

Bill Burton

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Although all casino games favour the house, that doesn't mean betting is always a losing proposition. As Bill Burton reveals, there are a thousand things you can do to improve your odds. Armed with 1000 Best Casino Gambling Secrets , you'll put yourself in the best position to win. While there's definitely enough wisdom in here to help beginners hit the ground running, even avid gamblers can benefit from many of Burton's insights. It's not only an informative read, but it certainly deserves a spot on every gambling reference shelf.

Published in 2005 by Sourcebooks Inc, Bill Burton’s 1000 Best Casino Gambling Secrets boldly asserts that it teaches players tips “the casinos don’t want you to know!” An audacious statement and one which, as any casino player will tell you, has been uttered countless times by so-called pros and betting strategy peddlers.

Fortunately, Burton’s publication history and success in casinos backs up his courageous claim. As the casino advisor on and an instructor at Frank Scoblete’s Golden Touch Craps School, Burton and his book on gambling tips has become synonymous with honest gaming advice. Refusing to make extravagant promises regarding beating the casino, Burton’s first of 1000 tips is that if players want to “play a game that requires skill”, they must first do their “homework”. 1000 Best Casino Gambling Secrets forms an essential part of any would-be pro player’s homework and Burton makes a fine gaming tutor.

Encompassing all of the integral aspects of a typical casino experience, 1000 Best Casino Gambling Secrets covers all of the key casino games, including blackjack, baccarat, slots, roulette and video poker. Burton also discusses more “niche” games, such as three card poker and keno. At one point, the author even delves into the rich cultural history of the latter, noting that keno was introduced to the United States in the 1800s, by Chinese immigrants who “came to work on the railroads or in the gold and silver mines”.

Burton’s cultural and historical awareness indicates that the author, and book, offers more than clear-cut gambling tips. Burton’s book adopts a learned, authoritative stance, which one presumes comes naturally to an author who is able to explore the historical nuances of keno, alongside offering advice on how best to tip a craps dealer. Of course, if you simply wish to know about the best bets in roulette, video poker and the like, you’ll find this information and more in 1000 Best Casino Gambling Secrets, but if you’re also looking for an author who clearly has a genuine passion for gambling, which permeates through his prose, then Burton is for you.

1000 Best Casino Gambling SecretsSecrets can aid you in several aspects of your casino gameplay. Burton even recommends how to get “the most bang for your buck” in slots tournaments, advising players on all of the subtleties of the game, even on how to press the spin button. Burton’s wears the role of teacher well, as throughout his title readers will feel that the gaming expert really does care about their chances of winning on casino games. This is apparent throughout the work, but particularly when Burton discusses money management and, in particular, taking care of your cash when in a casino:

Many players win when they are playing and then they give it all back. They rationalize that they were playing with the casino’s money. Once you win a bet, it is your money, not the casino’s money. You should treat it accordingly.

There are 999 tips similar to this, which combine the same care and genuine interest which Burton’s book effortlessly exudes. If you’re looking for a title which advises, helps, and can be picked up at any time, then we recommend 1000 Best Casino Gambling Secrets. Whilst we wouldn’t suggest, as the title’s blurb proposes, that you can “master the winning game strategies the pros use” using purely this title, Burton’s book will no doubt put you on the right track to gaming success.