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Avery Cardoza - Secrets of Winning Slots

Secrets of Winning Slots

Avery Cardoza – Secrets of Winning Slots

Avery Cardoza

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Given that slot machines are games of pure chance, most strategy guides for slots are inherently useless. Yet celebrated gambling author Avery Cardoza takes a unique and far more valid approach. In Secrets of Winning Slots, he teaches you when it's best to play progressive jackpots, how to manage your bankroll, and the easiest way to make the most of loose slots. Whether you prefer playing at a pub, are planning a trip to Las Vegas, or enjoy the action on the internet, Avery offers plenty of valuable insight. The book isn't just filled with interesting tales from the casino floor, but you'll also learn first-hand from Cardoza's success.

In the opening pages of Secrets of Winning Slots, Avery Cardoza, a gambling expert and prolific writer on the subject, suggests that “this book will show you how to live like a king”, noting that it will teach you “how to beat the casinos at slots”.

As any player will tell you, such promises are regularly made by slots books and, more often than not, broken. However, Cardoza seems to buck the trend; offering 20 winning strategies, most of which are applicable to slot machines available in online casinos. This title is an invaluable slots strategy guide.

Cardoza’s winning strategies centre around money management; a core part of all of his publications, including Easy Money! Your Guide to Beating 10 Casino Games. Some strategies regular slots players will already be familiar with, such as Cardoza’s tip that you should play using a coin denomination which best suits your bankroll. Such advice may seem obvious to some, but Cardoza is careful to mix basic money management strategies with insider tips, such as the following progressive jackpot advice:

In general, the larger the progressive type jackpot, the greater the percentage of money will be withheld to make up for the big winner. In plain English, that means that the larger the Progressive type, the more money you’ll lose.

While the majority of Cardoza’s slot strategy types are incredibly useful for both online and offline slots players, the author does tend to focus more on slot machines in Las Vegas. Slots players who are heading to Vegas for the first time should make Secrets of Winning Slots an essential purchase; not only will you find easy to understand advice about finding loose slot machines on the casino floor, but you’ll also find out about the payout percentages in various Vegas casinos.

Online slots players will find fewer strategies to apply to online casinos. However, there is more than enough in Secrets of Winning Slots to make it an integral read for both online and offline slots fans. Cardoza doesn’t simply list 20 strategies in his book; he also presents the reader with an enthralling slots history, peppered with lively anecdotes, which shows that while Cardoza’s often known as an incredibly successful gambler. Cardoza should also be recognised as a commanding narrator who knows how to create a book that’s both informative and a rip-roaring read.

Whether you’re a casual slots player or a fanatic, you’re sure to find Secrets of Winning Slots an appealing, enjoyable and authoritative read.