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Arnold Snyder - Sin City Advisor’s Topless Vegas

Sin City Advisor’s Topless Vegas

Arnold Snyder - Sin City Advisor’s Topless Vegas

Arnold Snyder

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There's more than one kind of pleasure to be had in and around Las Vegas. In Sin City Advisor’s Topless Vegas, distinguished gambler Arnold Snyder takes his readers on an erotic tour of the area's popular strip clubs. Whether you are looking for a fantastic ambience, delicious food, or deals on private dances, this book will let you know the spots that deserve your attention, as well as venues that should be avoided at all costs. With over two dozen clubs compared in great detail, you can be as knowledgeable as a local before your next trip to Vegas, even if you are new to the world of adult entertainment.

Well-known professional gambler, Blackjack Hall of Famer and author of many blackjack and poker strategy books, Arnold Snyder, has changed tack slightly to bring readers a guide to all of the topless and nude clubs in Las Vegas. Sin City Advisor’s Topless Vegas has been designed to enlighten those out of the loop in terms of Vegas strip club hotspots. With the quite incredible number of topless and nude clubs in such a small area, it’s definitely a resource that’s needed in order to help you determine the good from the bad and the ugly.

With 13 clubs within a three-mile radius and 28 venues in total in Las Vegas, there are certainly some tough decisions to be made when deciding upon the evening’s entertainment in Sin City. Fortunately, Snyder’s book helps make the decision process much easier. First of all, the best of the best, in terms of specific aspects of topless clubs are listed with categories, including the plushest VIP rooms, best bar food menus, and best price on lap dances, to name just a few.

Topless Vegas is incredibly thorough, as the cost of admission, a drink, and a lap dance is calculated for all of the clubs included in the book. In addition to this, the difference between topless and nude clubs is explained as well as a description of how the all-important club ratings work.

Each and every one of the clubs in the book then has a thorough review with information such as opening hours, grade of dancer and valet parking, listed alongside a short section about the club and what you can expect from a visit there.

This is the ultimate guide out to a certain sort of night out in America’s playground and any person looking to find the best places fast should certainly not be without Snyder’s book. Whether you’re planning ahead for a raucous weekend or wandering along Las Vegas Boulevard looking for a lively place to go, Topless Vegas is a tool that you shouldn’t be without.